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The headshot heard 'round the world!

It was a busy Sunday. We opened up spots for headshots and the results were great. I think the favorite of the day was Miss Carolyn. She arrived super nervous, I mean really nervous. But who wouldn't be staring down the barrel of a 100mm lens that says CANON right above it. It's a little intimidating. I know I hate to be in front of the lens.

It turns out she has a super important engagement that she needs a headshot for and needed "The One". Carolyn (who I'm going to start calling CJ because Carolyn is just too long to type) put a lot of pressure on herself, a ton! Who gets the "One" shot.

Well this guy might!

CJ originally wanted a 20 minute session. After the initial consult interview, we learned that her having no experience in front of a camera can lead to disasterous results! She might actually end up looking like the dude on the left!

For CJ it wasn't just a headshot it was an investment. We then proceeded to get her set up in the studio. I gave some direction in posing and then said, "Say Cheese!". Really, I said say cheese!

This was the result of that Photo. Trying to get the "Blue Steel" model shot in one picture vanished. CJ instantly kicked back in her mind thinking what the hell is this guy doing?! SAY CHEESE?!? DID HE JUST SAY SAY CHEESE?!?!?

I told CJ to say cheese to get her attention out of my lens and into a state of confusion that would invoke a natural response. I snapped that initial "say cheese" shot so she could see the transformation I was going to take her on. Hopefully change the way she takes a photograph forever.

CJ became more and more relaxed but was still nervous. We had to switch it up fast. We took a short break, reviewed what we had on the big monitor, and discussed what we could be doing different. I think if I Just directed, without educating the person I'm shooting, they would never get it. They can't see their face. I have to be the mirror for them.

Ok, back in front of the lights and get on your mark! CJ was now excited and motivated. Most importantly she was happy. She now knew exactly what we both wanted. We were on the same page! Back in front of the lights and right back into Blue Steel. I laughed and told her to stop it.

I asked her to go into "funny face" mode. She did instantly, she knew she needed to be less nervous. We had a blast!

Then she laughed turning away from the camera and as she settled this shot happened. That's where we needed to be, but with some direction thrown in.

Some direction....

A little more...

And Voila! By the end of the hour CJ really had her groove going, was totally relaxed, and having fun. The most important part is the fun. It shouldn't be rigid! CJ actually said, "I wish I could live this day over and over again.", and that was what I was after!

We got over 120 shots, and narrowed it down together in post discussions. It's up to her to choose the final image!

Thank you CJ you were amazing to work with and made my job super easy! We wish you the best of luck!

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