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I have been capturing images for over 20 years. After my wife gave birth to our beautiful little girl my photographic enthusiasim has sky rocketed. The poor little girl constantly has a lense pointed at her!

Raising a little one has taught me the value of patience. Patience to capture the images you will love. You will see I care more about your image then the amount of time I spend with you. Sessions aren't the "rigid" hour photo shoot you may be accustomed too.

I believe in a simplistic style, remniscent of my 35mm film roots. Keeping true to the image life presents. I try and steer clear of "over editing" an image.

Living, working and playing in Northern NJ affords me a great base. With access to City skylines, the Worlds best beaches and some of the oldest forests on the East Coast.

Drop me a line and let's see if we are a match!

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