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Never a disappointment

With a last minute cancellation while on our way to a shoot site we took a shot and posted VIA Facebook asking if anyone was around for a no sitting fee shoot. No such luck! I guess we were not surprised. Who is really ready for a photo shoot with an hour's notice?! Well maybe Miss Crawford!

We decided why let such beautiful light go to waste! My wife outfitted our daughter in a dress that she wore as a child, we will call it vintage (if i release any dates this will be my first and last blog post).

Chloe was in no mood to be photographed! She usually sees the camera and jumps right into model mode. I was only "allowed" to capture a few according to the little Princess. I swear at one point she growled at me!

During the editing process my wife said "she looks like a little doll! Can you make her look like a porcelain doll?". Having never edited a picture this much before I was nervous about the final image. I try and stick to "minimal" edits. This picture is still growing on me but my wife loves it and it received good reviews.

I guess it's true, happy wife, happy life!

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